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Start the week off with a greetings to customers and potential customers.
Personalized with your logo and contact information

We practice the basics of Social Media success . . .

Educate ~ Engage ~ Entertain

Customized Social

Winding River Communications provides customized content for home-based entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

We believe that social media for businesses should be a tool to help companies to reach their goals, not an end to itself. In a nutshell, we want your social media efforts to sell your product, service, or mission. We'll leave the latest dance moves, 3-D graphics, and split-second videos to your competition -- it makes them a lot easier to compete with while they are playing and you are selling.

Weekly Greetings

Frankly, there are some businesses that people aren't interested in until they need them. And here's the big question: Will they remember your name when they search the internet for your service?

The Winding River Weekly Greetings serves businesses seeking to utilize social media to meet their business goal when their product offering doesn't lend itself to social media strengths.

  • Businesses with a large potential customer base but a product line that is needed infrequently, in some cases, just a few times in a lifetime: automobile collision repair, real estate, personal injury and estate settlement legal services, home renovation.
  • Seasonal businesses.
  • A service that doesn't lend itself to the visual impact required for successful social media campaigns.

Our social media Weekly Greetings uses the power of social media to stay in touch with your past customers and potential new customers with routine posts.

  • Holiday greetings
  • Local, state, and national events
  • Americana, history, and natural resources

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