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In 2008, on his 200th birthday, Alexander W. Doniphan was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians at the Missouri State Capitol. Doniphan's bust was placed among some 40 others which occupy the third floor of the rotunda in the state capitol.
Alexander W. Doniphan Community Service Award

The Alexander W. Doniphan Community Service Award was established in 2002 to remind us, not only of Doniphan’s lifelong service to his community and his nation, but to recognize individuals who today continue that strong tradition. This award recognizes honorees as ones who exemplify Doniphan’s outstanding characteristics and personal commitments in Education, Jurisprudence, Statesmanship, Patriotism in Defense of Country, and Success in Business.

Past Recipients

2016     Dr. Susan Easton Black    Program
2014     Elder Lance B. Wickman   Program
2012     Lieutenant General Robert Arter, Retired  Program  Insert
2010     S. Preston Williams  Program  Insert
2009     Dr. W. Christian Sizemore  Program
2008     Raymond R. Brock, Jr.  Program
2007     Juarenne Hester
2005     John A. Dillingham  Program
2003     John and Mary Pritchard
2002     Judge R. Kenneth Elliott