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Help Build the African American Heritage Project

You can help build the African American Heritage directory. We hope to complete this online directory during 2024 and produce a printed version of the guide in 2024.

You can help us reach that goal by adding directory listings or contacting us with comments and suggestions using the online form below to add monuments, memorials, institutions and institutional holdings to the African American Heritage Project directory. 

  • We invite the general public to make submissions.
    • Submissions of institutions or institutional holdings will be verified with the institution.
  • Any help is appreciated. If all you can provide is the Name or Description of the facility or monument, that is fine. We can obtain the additional information.
    • If you do include a description that you copy from a source, please include the source's name so that we can obtain copyright permission.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, we will obtain images of submitted locations.
  • Please limit your submissions to public venues with interpretive signage.
    • We appreciate the importance of recording historical sites related to African American history that are not available for public viewing or lack interpretive signage. We recommend entering that information in local databases where available, and at, an international database of historic sites.
  • Public museums must have a comprehensive permanent exhibit on African American history for inclusion.
  • We will not include historic homes that are still used as private residences for the security and the safety of the people living in those homes.

AAHP Online Submission Form

The form is divided into two sections.  Section 1 is private information on the person submitting the claim. Winding River Communications will only use this information to contact the submitter to clarify or confirm submitted information. Section 2 is the information that will be published in the directory and made available to the general public.  (If you are commenting or making a suggestion, you may simply complete Section 1)

If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact Frank McMillian, 816-898-7485 or

Section 1 -- Directory Information
Section 2 -- Private Contact Information
This information will not be published on the website. It will be used if editors need to contact you.
Please include either (or both) your email or phone so we can contact you for assistance.
Section 3 -- Public Information
This information will be published in the directory listing for your facility organization or monument listing.
If new organization complete all sections below. If revising a current listing just complete sections that need revised..
* indicates a required field
Please fill this field.